Men’s Compression Shorts Purpul

Scientifically proven effect.

The Compression Shorts has positive effects on groin complaints in football players.

Men’s Compression Technology

The patented compression technology contains built-in compression. These compression zones follow the anatomy of the body and provides a balanced body support. Advanced 3D production technologies and special elastic yarns ensures a super strong, targeted compression, while maintaining a optimal freedom of movement.


Ultimate Sport Performance

The compression shorts are ideal for wear during or after sport. Wearing the compression shorts will decrease injuries and help muscles recover faster.

The Patented, Targeted Compression Zones, that follow the anatomy of the body and the muscles, give ‘ultimate compression’ to the correct areas.

For the prevention and treatment of upper leg injuries.
Especially effective for groin and hamstring inuries.
Reduces muscle fatigue and muscle damage during training and competition.
Speeds up recovery after heavy physical exertion and injury.
Improves blood circulation in the muscles (less cramp and muscle soreness).
Increases strength and stamina.
Allows total freedom of movement.
The patented, built-in compression zones give extra stability and support to the muscles: the muscles vibrate less which in turn reduces the energy lost and reduces muscle damage.

The Compression Shorts also offer support to the pelvis, hip joint and lower back.

Product qualities
The compression shorts are made from fabrics:

Patented, targeted compression zones.
Exceptional comfort of wear and a perfect fit.
(Cool Touch and Soft Feel application)
Seamless 3D manufacture.
Exceptional ventilation
Moisture regulating and quick drying
Built-in silver ions against unwanted odours.

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