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Leather Dip Belt with Chain Colour Skin

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Heavy Duty Leather Dip Belt. Your Choice all Leather or Suede Lined. 1/4″ Steel Chain and Carabineers can handle anything you can throw at them!
Perfect for Weighted Dips, Pullups, Chinups, and Squats. Harware is sized to work with plates, dumbells, and kettlebells.
Lifting Belt is 34″, the Chain is 36″. Fully adjustable to securely fit any size waist. Compact enough to easily fit in your gym bag.
Large Steel Carabineers are easy to latch and unlatch and can pass through a 2″ hole plate. Can also be removed for smaller plates.

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Black Dipping Belt Weight Lifting with Chain Dip Belt for Men Women



HIGHEST QUALITY materials are used in this weightlifting dip belt


MEASURING 16cm width for back support and strength, this dip belt is constructed to hold the weight you need to progress in weighted DIPS, PULL UPS, CHIN UPS, and other exercises.

CHAIN constructed from steel with carabiner clips making a quick and easy attachment with weights

INCREASE your load using weighted plates, kettlebells, and let the reinforced stitching do the work and support you where you need it.

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Weightlifting Dip Belt with Chain Colour Black



HIGHEST QUALITY materials are used in this weightlifting dip belt

SMALL / MEDIUM – fits waist size 28″-40″

MEASURING 16cm width for back support and strength, this dip belt is constructed to hold the weight you need to progress in weighted DIPS, PULL UPS, CHIN UPS, and other exercises.

CHAIN constructed from steel with carabiner clips making a quick and easy attachment with weights

INCREASE your load using weighted plates, kettlebells, and let the reinforced stitching do the work and support you where you need it.

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Dip Belt Black Heavy Duty Chain-2 Spring Clips Pull Up Strength Training

Dip Belt Black Heavy Duty chain 2 Spring Clips Pull Up Strength Training

put its own twist on the traditional leather dip belt. The dip belt is made with durable webbing that will last for years and years. The Spud Inc. dip belt is designed to be easy to use and comfortable to wear for anyone. The webbing doesn’t dig into your hips when you are using heavy weight like the traditional leather belt does.

The dip belt comes with two large clips and 2 feet of chain, so no need to upgrade clips or the chain. Even with four 45 lb plates two feet is plenty of chain

Length: From round ring to round ring is about 35″

The dip belt will be the last dip belt you will ever buy!

Is the belt tough? The belt was used to break the world record for the heaviest pullup…check out the video:


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Dip Belt Leather 30 Steel Chain Quick Release Carabiner Clip Padded Lumbar Reinforced Stitching Colour Tan

We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.
Material: Leather
Color: Tan
Closure Type: Carabiner
Waist (cm): 30 Inches
About this item
32.25” length x 7.75″ wide, one size fits all
30″ long heavy duty steel 1/4” thick chain with dual steel D-Ring attachment
Made from durable cowhide Split Leather with thick non-slip lumbar padding
Contoured construction for the ultimate in fit and comfort
Straight-gate quick release single carabiner clip for easy adjustment


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Fitness Dip Belt with chain Colour Black

A dip belt is an essential accessory for anyone looking to take their bodyweight workouts to the next level by adding additional resistance for more effective strength training.
Versatile Strength Training: A dip belt is a versatile piece of fitness equipment designed to enhance your strength training workouts.
Heavy-Duty Construction: Made from durable nylon and reinforced fabric, ensuring it can withstand heavy loads over time.
Adjustable Fit: comes with an adjustable 35in chain to accommodate users of various body sizes and shapes.
Secure Attachment: Features a secure attachment point- a sturdy metal D-ring and carabiner, to connect weight plates or other resistance sources.
Targeted Muscle Engagement: Ideal for weighted dips and pull-ups, helping you increase resistance and engage your chest, triceps, and shoulders more effectively.
Comfortable Design: Our dip belt includes padding around the waist and back area for added comfort during exercises.
Easy to Use: Simple to put on and take off, making it a convenient addition to your gym gear.
Progressive Overload: Allows you to progressively increase the resistance for bodyweight exercises as you become stronger and more experienced.
Enhanced Muscle Development: Helps build upper body strength, size, and endurance, making it a valuable tool for muscle development and toning.
Compact and Portable: Compact design makes it easy to transport to different workout locations or store in your gym bag.

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Poly Pro Dip Belt – Black

This PolyPro Dip Belt allows you to add extra weight to exercises like dips and chip-ups to further push yourself beyond your own bodyweight.


Contoured design supports back and upper body
Easy add weight mechanism for chin-ups and dips
30″ (76cm) steel chain with speed clip
All PolyPro construction
One size fits all
Age: Any
Gender: Unisex
Pair: N/A

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Contour Dip Belt – Natural Leather

This Black Dip Belt allows you to add extra weight to exercises like dips and chip-ups to further push yourself beyond your own bodyweight.


7″ (18cm) wide padded back
Incorporates patented taper on the sides
High quality construction
Heavy gauge steel chain and carabineer
Double prong stainless steel buckle
Copper rivets
Age: Any
Gender: Unisex
Pair: N/A

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Contour Dip Belt – Black

This Black Dip Belt allows you to add extra weight to exercises like dips and chip-ups to further push yourself beyond your own bodyweight.


High-quality construction
Heavy guage steel chain and carabineer
7″ (18cm) wide padded back
Incorporates patented Taper on the sides
Age: Any
Gender: Unisex
Pair: N/A

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Dip Belt Colour Black

• HEAVY-DUTY STEEL CHAIN: Strong, thick chain constructed from a 30-inch steel chain made to provide a secure fit with your desired weight.

• DURABLE PREMIUM MATERIAL: Get the fit and support you need from your dip belt with our contoured design and soft back support.

• IDEAL MULTI-USE DIP BELT: The dip belt is made to elevate bodyweight exercises like weighted dips, chin-ups, pull-ups, and hip belt squats.

• COMFORTABLE, AESTHETIC, AND EFFECTIVE: We focus on quality equipment, our dip belt is no different. Our form-fitting dip belt can help blow up your triceps, chest, lats, and biceps.

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Dip Belt for Weightlifting, Weight Belt with Chain for Pullup, Gym Lifting Belt Colour American

Size: One Size Fit
Material: Premium Neoprene and Stainless Steel
Color: American
Closure Type: Hook and Loop
About this item
Hook and Loop closure
BOOSTS STAMINA AND ENDURANCE: The pull up weight belt is perfect for increasing stamina and endurance while working out. Whether you’re doing weighted dips or squats, the dip weight belt will help you quickly get through your workout.
IMPROVES BODY POSTURE: Pull up belt for weights is worn around the waist and help counterbalance weight during exercises. This helps prevent strain on your back and shoulders and can help you maintain good posture.
INCREASES MUSCLE GAIN: A weighted belt with 36″ weight lifting chains is a great way to increase muscle gains. It allows you to add extra weight to your dips and chin-ups and provides extra resistance for other exercises like squats and lunges.
EXTREME COMFORT: The weighted belt for pullups provides extreme comfort because of the anatomically molded EVA rubber sheet. Its split design lets you remain agile and mobile during powerlifting.
LIFETIME DURABILITY: This workout belt is designed for lifetime durability. Made from high-quality materials, it’s built to withstand constant use. Whether a professional or just starting, this chain lifting belt for men and women will provide the necessary support.

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Custom Heavy Duty Leather Dip Belt Colour Black

7mm Buffalo leather core, finished with quality Italian garment leather. Plush padding on back for added comfort.

Heavy duty steel chain rated at over 690lb

35.5” Heavy duty long chain – Giving you the length needed to carry multiple heavy weighted plates
Heavy duty 7mm Buffalo leather – Giving the belt a quality feel and longevity
Large stainless steel carabiner – Making adjustments on the chain links easy and quick
Stainless Steel D Rings – Supporting the chain and weight
Heavy duty webbing – Easily capable of handling weight in excess of 690lb
Quality stainless steel rivets – Securing the structure of the dip belt and steel chain
Description Specifications
Product Description
Dipping belts have been used for many years and have stood the test of time!

As the name suggests, you can use a dipping belt for dips, which is a great workout for the chest and triceps, but is also suitable for but not limited to pull ups, weighted sumo squats and chin ups.


Pullups and chin-ups are performed using an overhand, shoulder-width grip or a narrower underhand grip. Both grips work your biceps and latissimus dorsi, or side back muscles. While some exercisers never manage a single rep of this challenging exercise, some workout enthusiasts add extra weight to make this exercise even harder. Wearing your loaded dipping belt, grasp the bar with the appropriate grip and hang with your arms straight, chest up and lower back slightly arched. Bend your arms and pull yourself up until your chin is just above the height of the bar. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

Hip belt squats are a hidden gem of lower body training. Serious lifters have been using them for years to build bigger and stronger legs, yet this exercise is still quite unknown due to lack of knowledge and/or a general awkwardness in performing the lift.

What makes hip belt squats unique is that they offer a loaded bilateral squatting pattern without loading the spine, making it an appealing option for working around injuries. Back-pain sufferers often struggle with the spinal compression and shear that comes from axial loading. Hip belt squats circumvent this as the hips and legs take on the brunt of the load.


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Dip Belt with Heavy Duty 36 Inch Adjustable Steel Chain Colour Army Green

Size: One Size
Material: Polypropylene
Colour: Army Green
Closure type: Dual Carabiner Clips
About this item
REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR WEIGHTED WORKOUT Are you looking to improve your weight training regimen? Then look no more, because brings you the ultimate weighted workout accessory. Use the dual padded dip belt, with a chain that is longer than others, to perform weighted workouts with more comfort and be the gym beast that you want to be.
EXTENDED 36-INCH LONG CHAIN With a weight-hanging chain of 36-inch length (40-inches including carabiners), this dipping belt with chain provides a larger capacity for more weight plates. Using a combination of coated D-rings and dual carabiner clips, the chain length increases to 40-inches, a much longer size than any other. With double-sided adjustability and improved balance, this weighted belt allows the users to hang more weights without compromising on comfort and ease of utility.
UPTO 600LBS HIGHER WEIGHT CAPACITY Robust gym belt for weighted pull-ups is one of those few pieces of equipment that are not easy to find, and is here to help its customers out of this tight corner. With the robust 36-inch-long 7-gauge HG stainless steel chain, this chained weight belt can bear a maximum of 600lb weight.
6-INCH EVA FOAM DUAL-PADDING SUPPORT ensures that all its valued athletes can go the extra mile in the pursuit of their fitness goals with absolute comfort. With 6-inch-wide and 32-inch-long double padded support in the back region of the weighted dip belt, it is ensured that this squat belt with chain provides ideal support and comfort while lifting weights and does not slip off.
MINIMAL SWEAT ACCUMULATION Sweat-wicking blacktop fabric has been used to make the workout belt for weights easier on the back as it prevents the accumulation of sweat and keeps the region dry. This allows the users to go for lengthy sessions of weighted dips, pull-ups and other similar exercises without the belt slipping sliding, or becoming unbalanced in the middle of the session.
STURDY POLYPROPYLENE MATERIAL The reinforced polypropylene construction of the Dipping Belt makes it sturdy and durable for prolonged sessions of Weighted Triceps Dips, Chin-ups, Pull-Ups, Box Squats, and more.

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Gym Generation Leder Dip Belt mit Stahlkette Colour Black

The Dip Belt from Gym Generation made of durable cowhide leather is ideally suited for weight training with high weights. Whether you’re performing tricep dips, pull-ups or hip belt squats. Our Dip Belt ensures a higher load capacity and reliable safety under extreme load.

You are looking for a new challenge forr your exercises with your own body weight? Then the Dip Belt from Gym Generation is just the right fitness accessory for you.

When do you need a Dip Belt?

Every athlete comes to the point in their training where their own body weight is no longer sufficient for exercises such as dips or pull-ups. The Dip Belt from Gym Generation is made for when your own body weight is no longer sufficient for dips or pull-ups.

How do you use a Dip Belt?


The Dip Belt is first placed around the waist and secured with the carabiner.
Then you hang any weight discs on the steel chain, which is then also secured again to the carabiner.
By the higher weight, which now hangs on one, the muscle stimulus is increased during dips or pull-ups.

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Chainless Nylon Heavy Duty Dipping Belt With Two Rings Colour Black

Built for champions, perfect for everyone.

Nylon dipping belt from an essential bit of kit for your gym bag.

With webbing loop instead of chain this belt is lighter and easier to transport in your gym bag. This is a heavy duty dipping belt able to handle the heaviest of weights!

With 8 mm D ring, heavy duty caliber and strong webbing material this belt has been built for the strongest of lifters.

You can load, kettlebells, dumbbells and plates onto this belt and it will not cause any damage as there is no metal chain. It makes it more comfortable to use too.

The unique and revolutionary loop attachment system with two rings makes it possible to create a solid centre of gravity while having a tight fit. With normal dipping belts you are forced to push your glutes out creating a bend in the lower back. With this design the belt will be tightened with the weight and you can maintain a neutral spine position throughout the lift without a risk of the belt dropping off.

These high quality belts are tough and built to last, featuring a wide, firm back panel for added comfort and strong black nylon.

Weighted dips are an absolutely brilliant upper body exercise, forcing mass and strength gains across the whole chest-shoulder-arm region.

By uniquely targeting otherwise neglected muscle groups, this compound exercise simulataneously increases both maximum strength and range of motion. This makes weighted dips not only a valuable excercise in their own right, but excellent accessory training for both weightlifting and powerlifting exercises from snatches to bench press.

Material: Black nylon
Width of the webbing strap: 5cm
Thickness of the D rings: 8mm
Length of the loading strap: 102cm
Recommended max load: 140kg

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Premium Dip Belt with Steel Chain Colour Black

● Comfortable to wear even with high additional weight due to padded inside & body-hugging cut
● Lab tested with up to 1000kg load for safe workouts & long durability
● 90cm long stainless steel chain incl. 3 carabiners for safe & flexible attachment of small & large weights
● One size belt (82cm length) optimal for narrow & wide hips
● 2cm wide chain for all common weight plates
● Optimal for progress in pull-ups, dips, muscle ups and other exercises
● Optionally available in a bundle with additional rope (length 125cm), which holds up to 250kg with only 90g own weight
● Weight of belt without chain & carabiner is 420g
● Weight of belt with chain & three carabiners is 1020g
● Weight of belt with rope & three carabiners is 720g

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Dip Belt with Steel Chain Colour Black

Dips and pull-ups are among the most essential workouts that instantly increase your gains. But after some time, your bodyweight won’t be challenging enough and you need to add more weight — that’s where a dip belt will come in handy.

Heavy Duty Dip Belt
Heavy Duty Dip Belt with Steel Chain is the perfect fitness gear that help to ramp up your gains. Our Dipping Belts are a great accessory for adding weight to your pull-ups and dips.

Belt provides back and upper body support while heavy weights are attached.

D shaped ring & solid steel chain
Provides good cushioning
One size fits all
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