Women’s Compression Short Sleeve Top

The air compression short sleeve Women’s top functional T-shirt from the LP-Support Air-Series is made from breathable high-tech fabric. With the help of these materials, the modern sport t-shirt moves moisture away and offers you optimal comfort for every sports activity both in training or competition.

The compression baselayer shirt wicks away sweat, offers the ideal moisture magnets, whilst retaining heat and keeping skin dry. With the help of the target compression system, the physical performance of the upper body muscles is improved and at the same time various movements (throwing, hitting, pulling, pushing) are supported and optimised.

The short Sleeve Air Series function top maximizes strength and endurance of the stomach, back and shoulder muscles. The integrated, Power-Band-System and 3D Diamond web system stabilise Specific Muscle Groups and joints of the male body. These highly modern systems stretch from both sides of the waist up to the centre of the spinal column and on to parts of the shoulders. This, the core muscles are strengthened and actively stressed muscles are supported.

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