Touch Screen Friendly Full Finger Gym Gloves Colour Blue

Step out of your comfort zone and push your boundaries both physically and mentally. But before all else, you need gym gear that lives up to the challenges you take on- Sports T2 full finger gym gloves are just that and more. Made of the finest four way stretch fabric that perfectly conforms to the shape and size of any hand. Thumb area is contrived of lightweight and breathable pure cotton terry fabric to effectively absorb sweat.

Spandex is used within the sides of the fingers for enhanced flexibility without tearing. Pull tabs on the fingers helps in pulling workout gloves off quickly and easily after each routine. The tips of the gym glove are coated with conductive silicon ink, making them touch screen friendly for any handheld electronic device.

The palm area features anti-slip silicone grip coating over G-Foam padding for enhanced palm protection during heavy lifting. Quick drying microfiber is used at the base of the thumb to help keep hands dry even after long trainings. These full finger gym gloves come with a top-of-the-line elasticated wrist strap with a 30% cotton and 70% nylon blend for added strength and comfort. This extra long, adjustable wrist strap provides additional support to the wrist, keeps it aligned and the gloves in place. Hook and loop closure mechanism ensures quick on and off.

Top Quality Material – Made with pure terry cotton and four way stretch fabric for breathability and perfect fit
Enhanced Grip – Non-slip silicone grip coating in the palm area with G-Foam padding inside enhances grip and protection
Added Breathability – Full finger gym gloves for home gym comes with microfiber at thumb base to keep hands dry and odor-free
Quick On And Off – Pull tabs on the fingers makes taking gloves off even with sweaty hands easy and convenient. The accompanying extra long wrist strap is made up of 30% cotton and 70% nylon blend making it stronger yet more comfortable. Hook & loop closure mechanism at the base of the workout gloves and in the wrist strap ensures a better fit and easy on and off
Touchscreen Friendly – Full finger gym gloves have conductive silicon ink coating at the tips for easy use of electronic devices while training

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