Dip Belt with Heavy Duty 36 Inch Adjustable Steel Chain Colour Army Green

Size: One Size
Material: Polypropylene
Colour: Army Green
Closure type: Dual Carabiner Clips
About this item
REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR WEIGHTED WORKOUT Are you looking to improve your weight training regimen? Then look no more, because brings you the ultimate weighted workout accessory. Use the dual padded dip belt, with a chain that is longer than others, to perform weighted workouts with more comfort and be the gym beast that you want to be.
EXTENDED 36-INCH LONG CHAIN With a weight-hanging chain of 36-inch length (40-inches including carabiners), this dipping belt with chain provides a larger capacity for more weight plates. Using a combination of coated D-rings and dual carabiner clips, the chain length increases to 40-inches, a much longer size than any other. With double-sided adjustability and improved balance, this weighted belt allows the users to hang more weights without compromising on comfort and ease of utility.
UPTO 600LBS HIGHER WEIGHT CAPACITY Robust gym belt for weighted pull-ups is one of those few pieces of equipment that are not easy to find, and is here to help its customers out of this tight corner. With the robust 36-inch-long 7-gauge HG stainless steel chain, this chained weight belt can bear a maximum of 600lb weight.
6-INCH EVA FOAM DUAL-PADDING SUPPORT ensures that all its valued athletes can go the extra mile in the pursuit of their fitness goals with absolute comfort. With 6-inch-wide and 32-inch-long double padded support in the back region of the weighted dip belt, it is ensured that this squat belt with chain provides ideal support and comfort while lifting weights and does not slip off.
MINIMAL SWEAT ACCUMULATION Sweat-wicking blacktop fabric has been used to make the workout belt for weights easier on the back as it prevents the accumulation of sweat and keeps the region dry. This allows the users to go for lengthy sessions of weighted dips, pull-ups and other similar exercises without the belt slipping sliding, or becoming unbalanced in the middle of the session.
STURDY POLYPROPYLENE MATERIAL The reinforced polypropylene construction of the Dipping Belt makes it sturdy and durable for prolonged sessions of Weighted Triceps Dips, Chin-ups, Pull-Ups, Box Squats, and more.

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