Dip Belt for Weightlifting, Weight Belt with Chain for Pullup, Gym Lifting Belt Colour American

Size: One Size Fit
Material: Premium Neoprene and Stainless Steel
Color: American
Closure Type: Hook and Loop
About this item
Hook and Loop closure
BOOSTS STAMINA AND ENDURANCE: The pull up weight belt is perfect for increasing stamina and endurance while working out. Whether you’re doing weighted dips or squats, the dip weight belt will help you quickly get through your workout.
IMPROVES BODY POSTURE: Pull up belt for weights is worn around the waist and help counterbalance weight during exercises. This helps prevent strain on your back and shoulders and can help you maintain good posture.
INCREASES MUSCLE GAIN: A weighted belt with 36″ weight lifting chains is a great way to increase muscle gains. It allows you to add extra weight to your dips and chin-ups and provides extra resistance for other exercises like squats and lunges.
EXTREME COMFORT: The weighted belt for pullups provides extreme comfort because of the anatomically molded EVA rubber sheet. Its split design lets you remain agile and mobile during powerlifting.
LIFETIME DURABILITY: This workout belt is designed for lifetime durability. Made from high-quality materials, it’s built to withstand constant use. Whether a professional or just starting, this chain lifting belt for men and women will provide the necessary support.

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