Weight Lifting Arm Blasters for Biceps Colour Black

HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: The arm blaster body is constructed from tough gauge aluminum for Strong rivets, triceps, and shoulder muscles faster, and an adjustable nylon belt to provide extended your stability and enhance for a more effective workout.

CURVED BODY DESIGN: This arm blaster bicep curl is a perfectly contoured shape that conforms around your torso and cradles your triceps.

COMFORT PADDED ENDS: The dual padded design supports your triceps and allows you to perform max reps in comfort. Our bicep curl bar arm blaster thick elbow pads further ensure comfort and stability for a safer and more efficient workout.

SUPERIOR NECK SUPPORTS: The elite neck strap is constructed from supreme form padding for a pain-free experience. Make your weight lifting workouts more efficient and powerful with neck exercise equipment.

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