Hand Crafted Bicep Isolator Arm Blaster Weight Lifting Bomber Curl Triceps Colour American

HEAVY DUTY METAL PLATE – Made from Strong metal and Fine material to Enhance your workout routine. Our Arm blaster has special Design to improve your training and Exercise. Our Arm Blaster is hard and cannot be bend easily because of the strong metal plate use. Arm Blaster is the best Value for your Money.
Support and Fit Like No Other- we’ve custom designed and fabricated our training arm blaster to have features unlike any other on the market. One of the drawback of other Arm Blasters in the market is they dig into your neck but because of our use of very thick and soft neoprene Pad design it will protect your neck against webbing and provide you a very comfortable support.
Outstanding outcomes arm blaster is the industry standard posture supporting tool for your arm workouts. The Arm Blaster will give you the exact posture and support at your arms by placing your Elbows at right position.
Professionals and other Experts in the game prefers the ARM BLASTER over other because of its very superior quality and design then its competitors. It can be used for barbell curls, single arm dumbbell curls, standing curls, preacher curls, hammer curls, and any other arm building movement that can isolate the bicep muscles. If you want bigger Arms then This Arm Blaster should be in your workout routine.

High Quality- Nylon Built design. Iron built for incredible durability, Neoprene padding will provide comfort against neck, strong heavy buckle for long lasting and durability, Special alloy plate that will not lose its shape for years, special designing technique that will prevent its color fading with time and will remain new for long time.

It’s simply the best option when it comes to a quality metal arm blaster.

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