Arm Blaster For Curls, Extensions, Isolation Colour Black

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Ever felt like you were wasting energy on muscles that you don’t want to work out when trying to target biceps? Well now you can worry no more! Now you can isolate and build extreme muscle mass on your biceps every single time you grab our arm blaster biceps isolator bar. Designed to eliminate the discomforts from other isolators and provide an unbelievably comfortable experience. Due to our revolutionary design the user can stay in perfect bicep curling form this is because of the way we have constructed our high density elbow pads and our heavy duty nylon strap. The main feature of the biceps isolator is that it provides an assistance to perfect form therefore allowing you to maintain perfect form through every curl of a dumbbell or barbell

✅ SIMPLE TO USE – Our Senshi Japan Bicep Isolator is made with a revolutionary design for a perfect fit that allows you to isolate your biceps for an effective and muscle focused workout!
✅ ELIMINATES TRICEP ACTIVATION – Arm Blasters are used for providing highly focused muscle isolation so you can’t afford to disrupt that with a low quality arm blaster, that’s why you need our bicep isolator which is designed with a malleable yet strong steel and shock absorbent gel pads to eliminate any tricep activation. Allowing for a super targeted bicep workout
✅ TRANSFORM YOUR BICEPS – If you want your biceps to grow, then you need a biceps isolator that maximises your time under tension and weight, that’s why we’ve designed our biceps isolator to withstand up to 1 ton in pressure without breaking and a breathable gel pad on each side to ensure stability, so you can max out on the reps and time and not have to worry about adjusting your position!
✅ THE NO. 1 ARM BICEPS BLASTER – We’ve teamed up with multiple bodybuilders and focused our attention on making the perfect biceps isolator arm blaster. We’ve designed the biceps isolator to allow you to push snuggly allowing for a non slip experience
✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Our Bicep Isolators come with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, simply send it back and we’ll send you a replacement or refund!


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