Arm Blaster For Bicep Curls Colour Gray

Lightweight thick gauge aluminum arm blaster for bicep curls is the best bicep bomber home gym equipment with adjustable strap. An ideal exercise equipment for arm weights.

Key Features:
INCREASES BICEP TONE: Our Bicep Blaster keep your elbows locked in place to isolate the biceps during curling exercises which forces the only isolated biceps to flex leading to enhanced biceps
CORRECTS POSTURE: Contoured Plate locks your shoulders and elbows closer to body which enables your elbows to keep the correct posture during curls
BUILT TO LAST: Our arm blaster is manufactured with thick gauge aluminum which can sustain any weight you put on your curl bar or dumbbells. Our arm blaster will not bend!!!
COMFORT FIT: Contoured plate with foam padded & fully adjustable neck strap provides comfortable and personalized fit & stability

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